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Steel 1.2312




1.2312 / AISI: P20 + S / 40CRMNOS8-6

  • indicated steel for plastic molds;

  • tempered at 950 - 1150 N / mm²;

  • nitratable;

  • with uniform hardness;

  • good dimensionality and tenacity;

  • solid state;

  • construction of molds for plastic and casting.



Alternatively, we recommend: TOOLOX® 33, which replaces steel 1.2312. TOOLOX® 33 is superior in all technical properties to steel 1.2312.

The TOOLOX® 33 has less distortion, is better for machining and more resistant.

It is susceptible to nitriding and coating of PVD.

Additional thermal treatment is not recommended.

If you need a higher hardness or more resistance, we recommend TOOLOX® 44.

Em alternativa, recomendamos: TOOLOX® 33, que susbtitui o aço 1.2312. O TOOLOX® 33 é superior em todas as propriedades técnicas ao aço 1,2312.

O TOOLOX® 33 possui menos distorção, é mais indicado para a usinagem, sendo mas resistente.

É susceptível de tratamento de nitruração e revestimento de PVD.

No é aconselhável tratamento térmico adicional.

Caso necessite de uma dureza maior ou mais resistência, aconselhamos o TOOLOX® 44.






40 CrMnMoS 86


40 CMD 8.S


P20 + S





Table with the dimensions of the rectified steel 1.2312.

Learn about our solutions to solve these problems:

  • Damages caused in the grinding process;

  • The high temperatures generated in the rectification zone can cause several types of thermal damage to the piece;

  • Problems in grinding caused by bad cooling in the cutting area.

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